Relief, Drainage, Climate and Vegetation
Demography, Transport and Communication
Water, Sanitation, Socio-Economic Activities and Education

Relief & Drainage
The relief of the Nzema East District is generally low lying with the highest point reaching a height of about 135 meters above sea level. Eikwe Sub District is also a low lying area across sea shore line between Axim, the district capital, and Atuabo. The Ankobra River and its major tributaries form the largest water body that drain the district and is navigable for most part of its length.

Climate & Vegetation
The sub district experiences two peak rainfall periods occurring in June and November whiles there is regular rainfall throughout the year in the district. The district vegetation is tropical rainforest in the middle and northern belts with coastal mangroves in the southern belt. Eikwe Sub District lies mainly within the coastal mangroves to its west and dry sandy grassland to the east.

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